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Vastu Shastra for Kitchen in India 2021

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To better understand “Vastu for kitchen”, I want you to consider the words “Vastu” and “kitchen” separately and then I combine two words so that the word “Vastu for cooking” becomes clear to you.

Vastu: You may already know that Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science that balances the energy of one place and surroundings.

Here, I think you already know what architecture is; If you don’t know what Vastu is, I suggest you read our article, which will allow you to understand Vastuastra better.

Kitchen: Kitchen is the place to cook healthy and nutritious food.

The kitchen is the site of transformation – because it is in the kitchen, where all raw and uncooked food is converted into delicious.

The same diet provides “energy” for family members.

I want you to pay special attention to the word “energy” here.

The energy you gain by consuming food is positive – which is why it makes you feel good, happy and contented.

What would happen if the same diet started to infuse you with negative energy?

Want to know how this can happen? Just read on.

I believe you know that everything is power in this universe.

Fire is an expression of energy.

I mentioned earlier that controlled fire is beneficial, which means that it is a positive force for you and the uncontrolled fire is harmful.

Now imagine, because of the architectural error, it is an energy imbalance – your kitchen starts to give you negative energy rather than positive energy.

Since ancient times, architectural scholars have done a lot of studies and research to find the perfect architecture for the kitchen. It is believed that the kitchen is designed in accordance with the architectural principles and the architectural colors suitable for the kitchen cabinets, attracts good health and happiness, and helps the inmates enjoy a pleasant life.

In terms of architecture, the kitchen should be ideal in the southeastern part of the house. The ruler of the kitchen is said to be Venus, but fire is the dominant element in the kitchen structure.

1. The kitchen should not be below or above the worship room, toilet, or bedroom. It should ideally be in the southeast corner of the main building or be flat.

2. The main kitchen platform should be in the east or southeast corner of the house.

3. The stove or gas burner should be placed in the southeast corner, a few inches away from the wall.

4. It is suggested to design the kitchen entrance in the middle of the corner of any room. The best direction to enter the kitchen is from the east, north, and west. Make sure the kitchen never faces the main entrance of the house.

5. Even if your kitchen has extensive windows or heavy air flow, an exhaust fan is also needed in that situation.

6. It is also good to incorporate into the northeast corner of the kitchen.

7. Storing boxes of essential items such as cereal, spice, and pulses should be placed in the south or west direction.

8. The entrance to the kitchen should not be in any corner. Kitchen doors are most appropriate in the East, North, and West.

9. People who build new homes should see that kitchens should not be set up in the south-west, west, or south rooms, because these directives are very good for homeowners and their children’s bedrooms.

10. Sink, Taps, RO, Earthen pots or any vessels used to store water should be placed in the northeast or north side of the kitchen away from the oven.

11. Fire and water are the opposite elements and therefore must be kept away from each other. Since the Lord of Fire and Kitchen Stoves are placed in the southeast, water elements such as sinks, taps, filters, pitchers, etc. should be kept small in the northeast. This attractive yellow tone used here is one of the recommended architectural colors for kitchens.

12. For refrigerators, there are four suitable directions: southeast, west, south, or north. In one direction, you should definitely avoid the Northeast. In case you have found a suitable location in the direction of ni watt, place it a foot away from the corner to bring good luck to your home.

13. Vastu says there should be at least one or two windows in the kitchen. Big or small, the kitchen window should always face east. For ventilators, you can count on the south side of the house. As for Vastu, the more air your kitchen is in, the better it is. Like large windows facing outwards in this room.

14. Collection is an important part of the kitchen as we need to store food, grains, and utensils without creating any mess. Storage cupboards fit well into the south and west wall of the kitchen. Avoid placing them on the north and east walls. The clutter-free system is preferred in this case, as is the kitchen.

15. The kitchen represents the fire element. Therefore, it is best to go for bright, vibrant wall colors. Don’t shy away from fiery red and orange.

16. Yellow is a good choice for your kitchen because it is cheerful and positive.

17. Pastel desks such as light pink and peach work well in the kitchen. According to Vastu, these colors symbolize warmth and deep love.

18. Light brown is another great option for a kitchen. According to Vastu, color is believed to symbolize stability and enhance one’s appetite.

19. We have a modular kitchen to make our kitchen comfortable and that creates ample storage space right in our kitchen. Make sure the storage cabinets are placed on both the floor and wall units on the south and west walls, and not on the north and east walls.

20. We cannot imagine a kitchen without modern cooking equipment like an oven, microwave, mixer-grinder. We need a place to put it in our kitchen. Build an L-shaped platform near the south or southeast wall of the kitchen with the help of an experienced kitchen planner and use it for electrical appliances in the kitchen. Be sure to use kitchen colors according to architectural standards to have a harmonious home.

21. According to Vastu, ceramic tiles, mosaic, or marble are good flooring options for your kitchen. So, neutralize the color of the flooring with desks such as white, pale light brown, and so on.

22. Lemon yellow, orange, or green cabinets are good. These colors signify freshness, positivity, good health, and prosperity and there is meaning in using them in the kitchen.

23. When designing a kitchen according to Vastu, you should also discuss the direction of water-based components with the professional you have hired. Water bottles, filters, or any related vessels are elements of the home and for this, there is no better place than the Northeast.

24. The modern kitchen is said to be incomplete without electronic equipment and there is so much to put into the ovens, heaters, and microwaves. Since all of these objects are related to light and fire somewhere, they must be cornered in an east-south direction. As with other aspects of the kitchen, you should also avoid the northeast.

25. According to Vastu standards, all food grains and dry rations should be stored in the south-west corner of the kitchen because it brings good luck with prosperity. It is believed that the household will never face a shortage of food grains if these essential items are stored in the area.

26. As far as kitchen slabs go, architecture recommends using natural stones such as quartz or granite. You can also add a splash of color to your kitchen countertop if you wish. In fact, green is the ideal color for countertops, not yellow and orange.

27. In kitchens, there is usually no room for a table, but if your kitchen is modular or it is integrated with your living room, it is possible, in that case, to place your table in the northwest or west side of the room.

28. Windows is one way to dispel negativity, and architects say it is essential to have a couple of windows in the kitchen. The exhaust is also necessary, and it must be placed in the east direction to eliminate all negative forces. Windows should be kept in the same direction.

29. Architects say that using black paint in the kitchen is considered abhorrent. Instead, you can use bright colors like green, orange, red, and so on. These not only make your kitchen look Vastu compliant but also make them look trendy and happy!

Vastu for the Kitchen – Is It Important?

I believe that you have already read the previous section of this article and are in a better position to understand the disadvantages of kitchen non-compliance.

In the previous section, I believe you understand some of the negative effects of a non-kitchen kitchen.

Here, in this section, I have identified a few – in fact very few – but the specific issues that one must face if he / she chooses not to make a kitchen.

Bad kitchen effect: –

1. Choosing dull or unnatural colors in the kitchen can make you unhappy and less active.

2. The location of the kitchen, rather than the southeast, often leads to complaints about food from family members

3. The kitchen space in the northeast corner brings sickness and poverty

4. The kitchen space in the south-west may invite a health issue for female members of the family

5. According to Vastu, the kitchen in the northwest is a neutral place, but female members are busy in the kitchen most of the time.

6. If you have a kitchen in the middle of your home you will have a large list of problems.

7. A stove burner that does not work or is half-working will lose the free flow of wealth in your home.

8. The kitchen should never be below the bathroom/toilet

9. There are other things to take into account when analyzing the contents of the kitchen, such as utensils and foodstuffs, dustbin and broom direction in the kitchen, overhead beam, refrigerator and sink position, water purifier space, windows, micro-wave oven, floor, kitchen, entrance, kitchen, Kitchen window plant, clocks, storage racks, cylinder, taps, windows, etc.

Here’s a list of problems – Vastu’s non-compliant kitchen

1. Health Loss – Loss of health, fatal illnesses, and premature death for the head of the family cooking

2. Financial Loss – Financial condition deteriorates, loans rise, bankruptcy

3. Family disputes – conflict within the family, separation, or witchcraft

Your dedication to reading this far side of this article makes you believe and safely assert that you are a responsible person and that you do not want to face all the difficulties mentioned by yourself or your family under any circumstances – and not the above.

Being an intelligent person – I know who you are – Vastu for the kitchen ensures that you and your family are protected and protected from all negative attributes – stemming from the kitchen – and so you must take the necessary steps to make Vastu your kitchen.

Now, to take “that necessary step” and to make your kitchen architecturally compliant, here’s what you need to know about the kitchen’s architecture tips, which I’ve explained in the next section, so read on.

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