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Interior Design for Living Room in India 2021

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The place where we spend most of the time is the living room. The focal point of the home, the space between the kitchen and the bedroom, serves as a natural center, drawing guests from morning waking to late work nights.

There are some things in good living rooms. They are harmonious, elegant, and adapt to the taste and personality of the people who use them. You can have endless possibilities and ideas to decorate your room. 

It can be a place for social gatherings, or a place to watch TV together in the evening, or a space where the room divider is operated. Therefore, it is important to look at functional needs before buying furniture for a living room.

1. When designing your room, it’s a good idea to think about a few key factors, such as available space, colors to use, furniture, and accessories that you like. When designing large rooms, the use of space is very important.

The strategic use of carpets, furniture helps in a balanced atmosphere that is pleasant to spend time with. But if there is space constraint, it’s about giving the impression of space.

Choose clever color schemes for the walls, add textures with bricks or tiles, and find the right balance of furniture to create a relaxing atmosphere. You can design a room using vivid colors or cool, pastel tones as your ich.

2. A living room is a place where people spend a lot of time, so it is important to create a balanced atmosphere. Generally, for small rooms, white walls or pastel tones are appropriate. Bold colors optically reduce the impression of space. However, in large living rooms, you can use vivid colors and patterns depending on the style of execution.

3. Woodwork at the end of the room not only separates the room’s living room from the living room but also warms the white palette of this free-plan space.

4. To enhance the effect of views outdoors and to draw the eyes out, muted tones are used on the furniture and walls in this Indian room – a small stroke of color through the rug ensures that the interior is cheerful.

5. The deep tones of the black (sofa, chandelier, and middle table) are offset by white walls and wooden ceiling panels, resulting in a balanced interior.

6. There are plenty of options to use for living room floors, and you can choose from stone, wood, and tiles or cover the floor completely or partially with carpet. A rug or carpet will create a soft and comfortable surface for the cooler months.

In cold weather, having soft upholstery to add some extra comfort is a great idea. Also, wooden furniture can be used without the time and gives an elegant and classy impression. High-quality wood flooring may be ideal for your room but requires more maintenance.

7. It totally depends on what mood you want to create in the living room. For people who frequently relocate homes, or are open to experimenting with interior design, a minimalist style living room may be appropriate because rearranging furniture and accessories after relocating is simple. Large families may prefer a well-equipped and spacious room, but couples and young people can go for a modern room design.

8. Smart leather sofas in blue and black create a sophisticated Indian room interior – the smooth lines of the seat contrast with the organic decor on the wall.

9. Dark or gloomy atmosphere is a dramatic effect on large rooms. But it has a different effect for smaller spaced rooms.

10. You need to realize that living in a dark, dim room can make it look even smaller. But it is not so difficult to escape the gloomy atmosphere for a more exciting and larger place to live.

11. Having a small space can be very tricky. So you have to be wise in choosing the right size for your furniture.

12. We’re not saying you can’t use a large amount of furniture. But it is best when you keep a balanced look for your room.

13. The main goal of small spaced rooms is to have a Ga y argument space. This is not possible when you choose to use large quantities of furniture throughout the area.

14. The best advice when decorating a room is to find a balance between modern and flexible furniture. In small living rooms, maximize space by installing a television in a wall-mounted cabinet. Don’t go overboard in decorating, and try to maintain seating space so people can move easily.

Many people like to add a decorative focal point such as a mirror or painting to a room. The flowers around the room enhance the light, organic effect. Balance and harmony are important at all times when designing a living room.

15. A small room may present some design challenges, but with the right design ideas, small spaces can be converted to create a grand room. Small room ideas are to use lighter colors and avoid bright tones to give the impression of space.

While a couple of paintings or flowers are welcome, try not to overflow the room with accessories and decor. Using intelligent furniture in the living room and paying attention to lighting makes the space cozy and welcoming.

16. Various tones of light gray create a comfortable, visually pleasing layering in this room. Gray also balances the details of the wood and makes the black elements stand out.

17. We have a tendency to collect and store some not-so-useful stuff inside our rooms.

They can be good decorative pieces but can sometimes overcrowd the area. We must remember that having a small area is already a big challenge.

The more difficult you are to add things that are of no avail. It can only occupy as much space as the area is overflowing.

generally a lot of time we spend in living room. Therefore, it should have a good and balanced design.

This only happens when you get rid of those mistakes we mentioned to you earlier. In turn, learn to apply proper room arrangement guidelines to successfully harmonize your small room’s furniture and decor.

18. A room usually has 5-6 walls and it consists of flooring. So if you think flooring doesn’t make any difference to the overall look, you’re totally wrong!

Bright material is preferred for floorings such as light oak or vinyl tile. You can also use rugs and carpet with cool colors to completely illuminate the flooring.

Patterned and printed rugs are examples of designs that should be used to make your space look bolder and bolder.

19. It is most convenient when building your home to your il roofs as high as possible. This allows you to have more natural light inside your room, which opens up your space.

But in any case, if you are already dealing with small spaces, the same solution as you did for flooring.

Drawing the ceiling in bright colors will draw the eyes upwards, making it look taller or taller. Or you can even put some significant art or wallpaper that will draw attention from the corners of the room.

20. Rustic style living rooms: Rustic style living room design usually incorporates traditional features such as large brick-built stoves, wide wooden beams, and carpets, although indeterminate wood floors work best in a country-style room. Large ining tables and accessories such as candles can also be a great addition.

21. Minimalist living rooms: Drawing on modernist architectural techniques, minimalism is the least advantageous. Stark, smooth lines combine well with open space, strategically placed carpets, and seating to make the room as simple as possible. The challenge is to create the least room for harmony without having to keep it cool.

22. Classic Living Rooms: The Classic Living Room is spacious and has plenty of light. Generally, classic designs have generous seating, bright colors, and decorations, but avoid losing balance or balance in the system. Flowers are a great addition to any classic living room, adding warmth and lightness to the arrangement.

23. Rustic style living rooms: Rustic style living rooms are usually large, spacious, and welcoming. Large windows and decorative curtains are combined with brick fireplaces, sideboards, and wooden floors, along with impressive wooden beams to create living spaces where the whole family can spend quality time together.

24. Modern suites: Modern living rooms sit between the power of elegant minimalist designs and classic designs. They are never cluttered or cluttered, skillfully chosen decorations and accessories such as designer seating and lighting. The classically modern room design usually avoids bright colors, preferring pure white walls and muted tones.

25. One good thing that everyone should notice is color. This will have a good effect on your interior; That makes the area look bigger or smaller.

Bright and warm colors should be the choice. Examples of these are white, cream or beige. These colors give the illusion of a large room.

Make sure your color scheme is monochromatic.

What does that mean?

Apply one color to the wall, furniture, other accessories, and clothing. But if you want to have contrast, you can use different des shades but only one color. Throw pillows and other accessories as you use different shades of yellow for your drops.

26. Avoid too many choices of prints to have cohesion in your decor. And, stay away from many bold prints.

But if you really want to have it, one or two throw pillows or rugs with large geometric daring prints will do no harm.

When choosing wallpaper, it is best to choose small prints with pastel colors or any vibrant. It is also effective for incorporating stripes into your decoration. Horizontal stripes visually widen the room and vertical stripes make the lower ceiling look taller.

27. Natural light is a source of nonlinearity as space expansion.

Fortunately if you are blessed with large windows, take advantage of the natural light it offers. Untie it.

By doing so, you open up your space and lighten the area naturally. Ga y argument and a well-lit room gives depth to it.

If you don’t want to just have windows, find out what is the best window treatment you can use. You can have window treatments such as blinds, curtains, or drops.

When adding drops, make sure that you choose the full style and that the color will integrate with the wall color. Drop printed with vertical stripes is a powerful trick for a small room.

28. Coffee tables can be the focal point as they draw the eye to their shape in contrast to the large mass of the sofa. Likewise, Parker often likes to choose pieces that have strong lines and are timeless.

“I like to choose something as unique as it is beautiful noguchi,” he says. Accent tables are also functional necessities, as each seat needs space to put their own coffee cup or cocktail glass. Parker likes to take these pieces at vintage stores or estate sales, or find the 1st Dibs under “Coffee and Cocktail Tables”.

29. To invite a room, just paste the texture of various materials such as wood, metal, wool, silk and glass. “Design is very important,” says Parker. They suggest that the materials you use should be good to the touch.

“Is it soft when something feels soft? Is it strong enough to be durable? Does your carpet feel good under your feet?”

The easiest way to integrate the design is through throw blankets and accessories. For a modern refresh of the classic and these colorful sentiment coasters from Kano, the three panel throw from the Parker House of Castellan.

30. There are different types of light fixtures you can use. But not all of these are suitable lighting for small rooms.

You must always identify the right room lighting ideas to have an effective design.

Smaller rooms tend to be rustic and crowded, especially when it’s dull. Installing the right light makes it appear bigger and brighter.

It is best to use table lamps but it should be large. Perfect choices should be pendant light, floor lamp and recessed light. Adding light to the floor is also a good plan.

31. If you have small space, it does not automatically mean that you need only small sized furniture. And it doesn’t also mean that you cannot add beauty and convenience into your space.

Of course you can, given with some considerations and limitations. Through these considerations you’ll increase floor space and maintain a welcoming ambiance. Here are some points that you should take note:

  • Try to utilize a lighter and smaller type of furniture. If you don’t want to give up your bulky sofa, okay then limit the use of side tables or accent tables. And as much as possible get rid of upholstered sofas that can visually eat up the size of your room.
  • Choose sofa or chairs that have lightweight materials. Also, it would be much better to have furniture with exposed or raised legs and armless which creates a sense of openness. Integrating buoyant components into your design can open up things that allow your eyes to travel all throughout the space.
  • It is a wiser move when you practice yourself to invest on multi-functional furniture. Just like having ottomans that can already serve as a chair or coffee table. There are also coffee tables and chairs that serve as a storage for things at the same time.
  • Look for furniture that can just be easily stowed away when it’s not in use. Furniture that can be folded, piled, or swing away is the perfect choice for small space.

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